Which Industries May Benefit from Brexit?

Which Industries May Benefit from Brexit?

The dust isn’t even settled after the shock referendum result in June, but already we’re seeing which industries and professions will lose out and which ones will gain as the UK finds its way in a new landscape. Here are four of the main winners in a post-Brexit world.

Redundancy services and experts

Not a nice thought, but if there has to be redundancies, they should be executed fairly and cleanly. The financial sectors in particular will see some big cuts and this often means either relocations or big pay-outs. The financial biggies may well be upping sticks to the continent or to Ireland, so anyone who can’t follow will be fodder for this particular sector.

Recruitment services and agencies

When someone’s fired, someone else usually hires (in an ideal world, anyway), so recruitment agencies of all stripes, from manual to executive, will be ready to grab the glut of newly-free workers. International recruitment in particular will probably see a boost, especially in the next three-to-five years.

Corporate law, tax advisers and IT specialists

An exit from the EU means that many companies will have to set up new subsidiaries; there’ll also be new and possibly very different tax structures and implications, as well as changes to employment law. Financial reporting will have to change and all these changes will have to be designed and implemented by IT teams –┬álots of IT teams.

Currency traders

The Pound has fallen by 19% and it’s expected to see-saw about for the foreseeable. There will, as a result, be lots of movement of unusually large sums of money between the UK and the US, as well as Europe, as people try to shore up their savings in a more stable currency. Every time there’s a transaction, someone takes a cut. There’ll be lots more cuts to be taken, which will give some currency traders a warm glow.

Travel and tourism

The fall in Sterling has made the UK a more attractive place to visit, so many tourists will stay for longer, return more frequently, or finally make that trip to the UK they’ve always planned.