Supply Chain Sustainability School

For about the last 4 years I was introduced to the Supply Chain Sustainability School. The school was introduced to me, at my previous employer, by one of their clients at the time, Lucy Hind of Covance Laboratories, FM Partner of the school.

At this time the School had recently began and there were many free Supplier Days and Workshops all based around the FM Industry which provided a great opportunity for myself, personally to understand the benefits of the school, also highlighted the importance and benefits of different industries committing to improving all areas of the supply chain around the topic of Sustainability.

You might be thinking, as I was when I first heard of the school, what is there to talk about or learn about Sustainability in my industry or business sector and how can we make any difference at all.

Over time and more involvement with the School things start to make sense and you do find a there is a point and this type of approach does hold benefits both to smaller supply chain partners and larger companies who provide their support as a Supply Chain School Partners.

The Supply Chain School Partners, which there are around 65 in total now, provide a vast amount of support free of charge via the ‘free to access’ resource library, also providing and organising the schools events all around the country, covering a wide range of subjects including CPD Accredited E-Learning and Workshops.

Some of the stats which detail the size the Supply Chain Sustainability School has grown speak for themselves and there has been a noticeable increase in participation over my time involved.

School in Numbers

2,018 Resources

87,368 Resources accessed

2,601 Member Companies

3,832 Individual Members

65 Partners

24,084 Registered Users

As I have moved out of the FM Industry and now running our own family business in the recruitment industry I still see the benefits of membership to the School can provide for our business. The school has been increasing is size and have added a number of additional sectors and still growing:

At James Recruitment Services Ltd we are proud to be involved and be a member of the Supply Chain School. We will be looking to continue our involvement going forward, the benefits, not just building relationships with new clients and like minded companies, also helping all our staff and as a company to become more aware about the important issues which will be shaping industries moving forward in the future.

If you are looking for more information and would like to sign up as a member of the school, either on behalf of a business or personally please visit

If after looking at the above you are still not sure please contact me direct and we could arrange attendance to one of the upcoming events where you can find out more information.